About Us

Makaua is a company of artisans, producers and designers, working together to create beautiful handmade products for the home.

We believe there is nothing as special as a handmade product, which represents a story and the person who made it. By adding the element of modern design, we strive to create contemporary pieces that represent and communicate this merger of tradition and timeless simplicity.


True Connections

We believe and promote the value of true connections between people, between stories, and between different worlds.


Simple beauty

We believe less is more, and that sophistication goes hand in hand with simplicity. 


Excellent Quality

We believe in products made by hands that put in their best work. We believe excellent quality can and should be accomplished.

We believe in challenge. 

We believe we should never settle.


Going Further

We believe we offer much more than a product. We are sharing a story, a concept, a way to connect.

We believe our products should reflect a connection between nature, culture, tradition and between the hands and soul of the artisan and the heart and eyes of distant worlds.